How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner In Summer?

Summer is known for vacation, beaches and sunbath, however, when the temperature goes above 45° Celsius, all the fun of summer turns into tragedy. Then, staying at home seems the most suitable option, under our air conditioner. Our air conditioner plays a very important role in summers, but maintenance is the key behind their successful operation throughout the season. You can also save electricity bills and repairing cost by following a few maintenance tips, in this blog, you’ll read everything about the air conditioner maintenance.

Follow the guidelines carefully and keep your air conditioner in good condition. It’ll ensure the smooth functioning and cost-effective operation of the air conditioner.

Air conditioner maintenance

Important Things You Need To Take Care Of

Here is some important thing which you should consider, these steps are important and will protect your air conditioning. If you follow these guidelines, you don’t have to call professional Air Conditioning Melbourne for repair services every then and now.

# Tip-1 Always remember to check air conditioner filter every 30 days, air conditioning filters are very important, it blocks the dust and protects the fins from clogging. Set a reminder or mark calendar, either replace the filter or clean it thoroughly.

# Tip-2 Set the temperature of thermostat appropriately, thermostat temperature is very important, it regulates the temperature in the premises. Keeping it at a moderate level is not right, always keep it at the 30° Celcius.

# Tip-3 Check the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, remove any debris or dirt 3 feet away from the unit. Keep the area clean and clear, the dust slowly accumulates over the unit and clog the components, so keep an eye on the outdoor unit, if the unit is hanging at the top make sure there is no spider web, spider webs also clogs the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

Residential air conditioning service

# Tip-4 Use a garden hose pipe to clean the fins of the outdoor unit, do not directly hit the water against the fins, rather slowly let the water flow from upwards to downwards. It’ll clear the clogged dust and dirt from the fins.

# Tip-5 During the storm, do not turn on the air conditioning if you have a cover use it to protect the air conditioner outdoor unit from damage. Storm damages the pipe inside the unit and causes leakage of refrigerant.

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