Top 5 Commonly Reported Problems With Residential AC Systems

Summers are nearing, and your air conditioners will do the magic as they do each year. The air conditioner that you may have forgotten during winters, is again the hot topic and its problem cannot be ignored. 95% of Melbournes homes use some type of air conditioner. Unfortunately, some people face issues in switching on their AC devices after winter break. And facing AC problems after a long break is common. Like other electronic devices, air conditioning units also want timely maintenance services. Read the below article to get clear information about commonly reported issues with domestic air conditioning units. Here are some Common Air Conditioning Problems:

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5 Common Air Conditioning Problems Faced by Residents

Indoor Water Leaks 

In case you are noticing water seeping down from the indoor AC unit, then it is a sign of repair service needed. One of the common reasons for water leaks is the blocking of a condensing drain due to fungi or algae. This leads to water backing up in the pipe and finally entering your place. However, your condense pump can also break and need to be replaced. For quick assistance, you may clog the leaking part with a dry vacuum. Also pour some vinegar into the drain in order to kill algae. If the problem does not get better, seek professional help.

Dirty Air Conditioning Filter 

Filters are essential to keep a fresh airflow and maintain a healthy indoor environment. However, a jam air filter resists the flow of air and hence reduces the efficiency of the entire AC system. Therefore, keep a check on your Air Filters and clean/ replace them accordingly. An average time to clean air filters is 3 to 4 months. Additionally, you can also track the status of your filter and stay alert when you need to clear the AC. 

Frozen Evaporator Coil 

If your evaporator coil has frozen, the system may stop working. In that case, you need to prevent the ice from getting trapped around the coil. In order to correct this issue, inspect the starting point of damage. First, switch off the entire system and use a hairdryer. Be extra careful while heating the coil. If the frost is moderate, keep the system on in fan mode. The blower will melt the ice away in some time.

Electric Control Failure 

Sometimes you keep on turning your air conditioner ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ a little too much. That makes the fan and compressor fail. The blower, condenser and compressor are linked forming a combination to ‘ON’ the system. To detect the failure, check the entire system. In case you cannot determine the problem call a professional ac repair professional. 

Air Conditioner Fan Collapse 

The outside system of your air conditioner delivers warm air from inside by using a fan. The outside unit may overheat leading to the collapse of the fan. If you are facing this problem there may be a problem with the wiring or some external animal is there. Again turn OFF the system and analyse the issue. Although, it is difficult to correct the wiring. Therefore, call any duct repair expert as soon as possible. 

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