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Who We Are? We Are The Best Plumbers Electricians in Melbourne

Welcome to Plumbers Electricians, from where you can hire plumbers and electricians for various residential and commercial needs. Our plumbers and electricians are certified by the best training institute in Melbourne and are capable of troubleshooting all difficult and easy tasks belonging to this industry. Our work includes:

  • Wiring ss per layout
  • Upgradation and renovation in wiring and installation
  • Emergency power cut solutions
  • Any electrical or plumbing needs –ask on call!


A plumber is somebody who repairs and installs plumbing systems in homes. Plumbers are also responsible for repairing any leaks or problems with the water supply, drainage, gas lines, electric wiring, and other related services. Homeowners often call plumbers to fix things that go wrong with their plumbing system at home.



Electricians are those who work with electricity and electronics for a living. Most people think of electricians as people who wire up the electrical systems in a house, but the truth is that they play an extremely important role in the maintenance and function of a home’s electrical systems. Most electricians are trained to work on all types of electrical systems, but the most important system for them to be familiar with is the electrical system that powers your home’s lights, fans, appliances, and other electronic appliances. Our Electricians have Certificate III in Electrical Fitting.


Get 24/7 Plumbers and Electricians Services Licensed Team With Quality Assurance Work


Air Conditioning

We are the best team for air conditioning services.



Hydronic Heating

Fix your hydronic heating unit with us ASAP.



Evaporative Cooling

Keep your evaporative coolers efficient with our experts.



Split System

Be in contact with us to maintain a long-lasting split system.


We Can Solve All Issues Where
You Need Plumbers
And Electricians

From inserting wires into the electrical system and then connecting the wires to the appropriate terminals on the house wiring to testing the system to make sure that everything is working correctly and all necessary plumbing installation, repairs, and replacements, we can solve all issues where you need Plumbers And Electricians.




Our Recent Work and Projects Melbourne’s Leading Plumbers Electricians

By installing, upgrading or repairing the electrical and plumbing systems, we help to keep your home more comfortable and safe. Here are some recent work and projects completed by Melbourne’s leading Plumbers and Electricians.

Our Happy Clients Testimonials

Great Pricing

I strongly recommend Plumbers and Electricians to each one of you. No other company provides such fine service at this price. The team did quality drain cleaning work. My family is in love with your service team and would like to thank you for the same. John

Great Experience

I had a great experience with your plumbers when they were at my home for fixing my leaking hot water unit. The plumbers were on time. My hot water was not checked for a long time and eventually, we got the problem. But thanks to your team who fixed the problem. Ryan

Flawless Job

I found your company when I was looking for reliable and inexpensive electricians. When I contacted your team and shared the problem, your team said that they can help. I trusted your team and got a flawless mainboard fixing job. Your team does wonders. Jason

Unbelievable Service

I am very thankful to your team who showed up in an emergency and restored my electricity board. There was a sparking problem when anyone was switching on the board. We called you in an emergency and the team arrived without wasting a minute. Clara

Complete Care Service Maintenance Plan For Residential, Industrial and Commercial

With our suitable and minimal charges plan for Residential, Industrial and Commercial plumbing and electrical services, you can be free from the worry of whom to call when facing the problems solved by electricians and plumbers.


Residential Service

  • AC inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Wiring services
  • Water system flow checking
  • All plumbing fixes
  • Repair electrical boards
  • Switchboard upgrade


Industrial Service

  • New power unit installation
  • Electrical inspection
  • Heating Cooling Unit check
  • Switchboards, MCB check
  • All plumbing fixes
  • Electrical Wiring Change
  • Yearly upgrade


Commercial Service

  • Customised Lighting installation
  • Appliance and fixture installation
  • Yearly upgradation
  • Waterpoint checking
  • All plumbing fixes
  • Fans, connection points, cable
  • 24 hours response

Plumbers Electricians Most Affordable Option
in Melbourne VIC
Contractors 24/7

Everyone needs Plumbers and Electricians and we provide such a team that is famous for its quality Plumbers, Electricians services and minimal charges in Melbourne VIC.


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